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You are
to provide

  • Appllicant(s) full name and address
  • The mark
  • List of goods and/or services, classes according to ICGS
  • Search report (optional)
  • Priority document (optional)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Payment of attorney and official fees


  • 2 days Drafting and filing of documents
  • 10-14 months Examination of a mark application
  • 6 months Accelerated examination
  • 0,5-1 months Publication of a trademark application and issue of registration certificate
  • 1-2 months Renewal of Certificate

As a result
you obtain

  • TM Certificate (example)
  • Extract from the State Register

Trademark & Service Mark registration

Trademark (service mark, signs for goods and services) (hereinafter referred to as TM) – is distinctive sign protected by exclusive right, which provides goods and / or services with distinctive features with respect to similar goods and / or services of other manufacturer.

TM may consist of words, numbers, symbols, figurative elements (pictures), colors or combinations of colors in different combinations etc.

TM registration is required for obtaining state-guaranteed privileges for its use, including owner’s right to prohibit a third party use of such designation.

Either natural or legal person might be subjects of property rights for TM, besides TM may simultaneously belong to several legal persons and / or individuals.

The title of protection - the Certificate of TM state registration (hereinafter - Certificate) - specifies list of protected goods and / or services. There’re 45 classes of goods and services defined by International Classification of Goods and Services (hereinafter - ICGS).

The territory covered by protection of registered designations is always specified in Certificate. It may include one or more states.

TM Certificate in most countries is valid during 10 years and it’s usually possible to extend its validity undefined times (subject to payment of correspondent official fees).

To identify registered designations one may use symbols R or ®, and to identify TM on registration stage - symbol ™.  

Ukraine has examination system for TM registration. This means that examination authority (SE “UIIP”) checks filed designation against criterions of novelty and similarity to earlier filed and registered TMs. This procedure allows prevent registration of designations which may mislead customer about goods or services and/or about producer who manufactures goods or provides services.

Remember: it’s better to invest your money in your TM protection today, before you introduce your goods and / or services to civil turnover, than spend several times more tomorrow while trying to resist unfair competition and intellectual property so called “businessmen”.

What is the service for?

  • Easy unfair competition protection
  • Effective advertizing and identification
  • Domain name registration
  • Intangible assets inclusion in Statutory
  • Intangible assets usage as collateral
  • Effective protection from counterfeit import at customs
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