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You are
to provide

  • Appllicant(s) full name and address
  • Complete set of figures describing design’s appearance
  • Full name of design’s author(s) and his (their) postal address
  • Priority document (optional)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Payment of attorney and official fees


  • 2 workdays Drafting and filing of documents
  • 60 days Accelerated examination (design)
  • 8-10 months Patent publication and granting
  • 1-2 workdays Maintenance of the Patent

As a result
you obtain

  • Industrial Design Patent (example)

Industrial Design registration

Industrial design (hereinafter referred to as design) – is a result of human creative activity in artistic construction sphere (appearance of the product).

Forms, drawings, coloring or their combination, i. e. features determining aesthetic, ergonomic or ornamental aspect of an article, might become objects of protection.

Main patentability requisite for design is novelty. Design is deemed new if it wasn’t disclosed before application date or priority date. Some countries provide grace period which allows filing of design application within 6 months after its disclosure. 

Design registration is required for obtaining state-guaranteed privileges for its use, including owner’s right to prohibit a third party use of such design. 

Either natural or legal person might be subjects of property rights for design, besides design may simultaneously belong to several legal persons and / or individuals.

The copyright for the ID belongs to its author, is considered permanently protected inalienable personal right.

The title of protection - the Patent for industrial design (hereinafter - Patent) – contains representation (representations) of filed article, which defines scope of protection. In some countries filing of design description is required which isn’t normally published.

The territory covered by protection of registered designs is always specified in the Patent. It may include one or more states.

Design patents in Ukraine are issued on O. R. (owner’s risk) basis. This means that examination authority (SE “UIIP”) establishes filing date, determines if claimed object relates to designs and executes formal examination of application materials for regulatory compliance. The design description, which is usually drafted by patent attorney, is one of must-file documents.

Ukrainian design patent is valid during 10 years and it’s usually possible to extend its validity for maximum of 5 years. Maintenance fees are paid annually.

What is the service for?

  • Easy unfair competition protection
  • Effective advertizing and identification
  • Intangible assets inclusion in Statutory
  • Intangible assets usage as collateral
  • Effective protection from counterfeit import at customs
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